How to Recruit the Best People for Your Startup

Why Dutch internet startup Vicancy moved their R&D team to Bali, Indonesia.

Dutch startup Vicancy managed to recruit two of the best software developers worldwide. Instead of a car lease or a high salary, they were offered an adventure. Last week Vicancy's new product development team moved to Bali, Indonesia.

One of the key challenges of starting a business, is attracting the best people for your team. Mentors will tell you to hire carefully, fire fast and to make sure you surround yourself with people who are 'smarter' than you. The problem is these people are hard to find and even harder to recruit. Loet Rammelsberg and Pieter Moorman, owners of Dutch internet startup, found their own way to hire the best.


Loet: "We believe people determine the success of your company. We wanted to build a company where 'the best people' would be happy to work. That’s why, before putting out job postings, we made a list of benefits that could motivate people to come and work with us."

  • No commuting
  • Good weather and food
  • Challenging people around you
  • The opportunity to learn new skills
  • Excitement
  • Money


Being a startup, ‘money’ was not something they could strongly compete on. So they decided to focus on the other five benefits. That resulted in launching an ad campaign on online staffing platforms Elance and Odesk entitled ‘Are you a passionate software developer and would you like to move to Bali? (no joke!)’. Loet: “Why Bali? The internet is fast enough (10 mb/s), the living costs are low ($1000 p/m), the climate is ideal and the time zone fits our workflow. But above all; it's a great adventure!”

Making it happen

The response was overwhelming. Within the first week, the Vicancy campaign went viral on Twitter and they received more than 150 applications from all over the world. Pieter: "That's when we realised; wow, we can actually make this happen!” After selecting ten potential candidates, they scheduled assessments and did several Skype interviews. The two ‘winning’ candidates Artem and Sam were invited to the Netherlands to get to know the rest of the team. By the end of September, Vicancy's new product development team moved to Bali. They have successfully set up shop in the international coworking space of Hubud.

About Vicancy

Vicancy is an innovative and fast growing tech company serving the recruitment industry. They make custom visual job advertisements that can be shared online within 24 hours. This helps companies and recruitment agencies improve their branding, target the right audience and convert more suitable candidates. For more information; visit


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Photo 1 - used in Bali ad campaign. Credits by Robert S. Donovan.

Photo 2 - showing Pieter and Loet during a work visit in Bali

Photo 3 - showing the Vicancy Team together in Utrecht, NL

Photo 4 - showing Pieter and Sam at the coworking space of Hubud, Bali


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About Vicancy

Vicancy helps companies improve their online recruitment bij advertising their jobs with video. We make sure they grab the attention, interest their audience, improve their employer branding and target the right candidates. Video performs better than just plain text, delivering more quality, not just more quantity. That is why we believe video is the future of job advertising. For more information; visit