Online Video is Changing the European Job Market

Vicancy and join forces to improve international recruitment using video

The way companies advertise their job postings is changing. Online video is the future. Vicancy has signed a partnership with, the largest pan-European job site. That makes Eurojobs the first international job board to offer video in their services.

Over the past years, there have been major disruptions in the recruitment industry due to the advent of social media recruiting and new software tools. One aspect of the recruiting process has not changed at all: the job description. Marketers realised long-ago that video is far more memorable and emotionally engaging. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then online video is worth 1.8 million.

Video Job Ads

Companies are looking for better ways to engage top talent. According to The Guardian, online video is the future. That’s why Vicancy and Eurojobs have joined forces. Instead of using just plain text for their job descriptions, clients of can now use Vicancy’s video job ads to stand out and recruit better candidates. Users can independently manage/edit their video job ads via their own accounts and publish them in any language and in any country in Europe. Eurojobs is the first international job board to offer video in their services.

About Vicancy

Vicancy is an innovative and fast growing tech company serving the recruitment industry. They make custom video job advertisements that can be shared online within 24 hours. This helps companies and recruitment agencies improve their branding, target the right audience and convert more suitable candidates. For more information; visit

About is a pan-European job board, attracting multilingual candidates from all over Europe (and beyond). They were founded in 1995 as a small international job board. Over the years, more and more companies started using for posting jobs and sourcing the best talent across Europe. They attract up to 1 million visitors per month. For more information; visit


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Photo 1 - View of Eurojobs’ Account management page

Photo 2 - showing the Vicancy Team together in Utrecht, NL

Video - Example of a video job ad for Eurojobs' client Asics Europe BV


Erik de Vries,

Head of Business Development at Vicancy

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About Vicancy

Vicancy helps companies improve their online recruitment bij advertising their jobs with video. We make sure they grab the attention, interest their audience, improve their employer branding and target the right candidates. Video performs better than just plain text, delivering more quality, not just more quantity. That is why we believe video is the future of job advertising. For more information; visit